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About TSP
Our Factory
Since its establishment in 1999, TSP has stood for close tolerance and been supplying tooling with tolerance of 0.001mm to rigorous tool users.
Based on the intensive expertise and extensive advantages in engineering and manufacturing, together with 4 factories in China and sales offices in Japan, USA and Europe, TSP now serves...
Our Capability
Precision Tooling
Tool Development
Design, Manufacturing, Debugging and Project Management.
Precision Machining
Skillful craftsman, good machine and mature process.
Reel to Reel Insert Molding
Reel to Reel Insert Molding
Lower cost, quicker time-to-market and stable quality bring you value.
Precision Molding
Precision Molding
Stable and high accuracy of plastic parts production.
Precision Stamping
Precision Stamping
Produce thickness of 0.08~1.0mm metal parts at max.1200 spm speed.
Two Shot Molding
Two-Shot Molding
Builds additional features into the product.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
"value" is what you really like to pay for.